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  • When should I start preparing for 11+?
    11+ exams take place in September of Year 6. Knowledge of the Year 6 syllabus is required for successful 11+ entry. At One Learning, we aim to cover key skills up to the Year 6 syllabus by the January of Year 5 in preparation for exam paper practice. Students sitting the 11+ are encouraged to start preparation in Year 3 so there is sufficient time to cover all topics required for 11+ entry.
  • Do I have to attend every week?
    Once enrolled on the programme, students are required to attend class regularly. If absent, students are required to collect weekly classwork/homework and complete at home. Absence from class without prior notice may result in discontinuation from the One Learning programme.
  • Will my child have help if they do not understand the classwork?
    Children are taught in small groups of 4-6. Each group is taught by a techer who is assisted by a teaching assistant. Classwork is explained and marked in the lesson every week.
  • How do you check that my child has understood the work/new topics?
    Children are encouraged to explain their answers when work is marked to show their understanding. There are topic tests at the end of each topic block to check progress. Weekly spelling tests are administred to check vocabulary understanding.
  • Can my child attend more than once a week?
    For most children, weekly attendance is sufficient. If, after assessment, we feel the child requires more consolidation we may suggest attending twice a week. For 11+ preparation, Year 5 students are required to attend twice a week from January of Year 5.
  • Are there any additional lessons during school holidays?
    For 11+ preparation there are additional mock sessions which run over Easter, May half-term, Summer holidays (and Christmas holidays for those sitting private school exams). Contact us to find out more information or book a session today.
  • How will my child's progress be reported?
    At One Learning, we conduct regular assessments of the children to monitor their progress. Feedback is given to parents on a regular basis. Parents can speak to their child's teacher at the beginning or end of each session if they have any particular concerns.
  • What will my role be as a parent?
    Parents play a key role in supporting and encouraging their child. All homework is marked in class and any errors are discussed with the student. All marked homework is returned to the students and it is important that parents review the homework with their child to ensure continuing progress.
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