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Our program is centred around the national curriculum, thus ensuring that students can excel in school and achieve their full potential. We are dedicated to producing determined, intelligent, well-rounded students with a passion for learning.

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Every stage of your child's education is different. Whether they are learning to count, exploring synonyms and antonyms, learning the complexities of algebra or tackling the Great Gatsby we are there to help every step of the way. 

At One Learning, we recognise 4 main 'phases' of a child's education which require different approaches to best compliment their maturity and aptitude. Find out more about our phases below.

Phase 3



Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

The foundation phase helps the child develop the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their education.


This phase is vital for captivating a child's interest in education and giving them a passion for learning. Our workbooks are specifically designed to be interactive and fun, whilst at the same time firmly establishing the foundations which will later be built upon.


"At such a young age it is vital to instil a good work ethic in children. Our teachers are specialists at working with younger students and getting the most out of each individual. Not only do we cover every aspect of the national curriculum, we teach our students how to learn, setting them up to excel in their education."
Phase 1
"Every child is an individual. We recognise this, and tailor our teaching to meet every student's needs. We take great pride in giving our students the tools and skills required to become responsible, independent learners."



Year 3 & 4

The lower phase is a transition for many children in their education. As students begin to find their feet, it is important to recognise that every child is unique and requires varying levels of support.


However, our aim remains the same- to get every child to the top of their class and to become high achievers. With an eye upon upcoming entrance exams, we believe that our program puts the students in the best possible position to excel in their future education.

Phase 2



Year 5 & 6

The upper phase is all about refining exam techniques, learning time management skills and doing as much exam practice as possible.


These lessons focus on exam board-specific preparation, where our expert teachers introduce students to techniques they have not met in school. Coupling this with realistic mock-exam sessions, we prepare our students to pass their exams with flying colours and get them the results their hard work deserves.

Find out more information about entrance exams here:

Phase 3
"Year 5 and 6 is a stressful time for both children and parents. Our aim is to guide you through this period, providing you with all of the information and teaching required to succeed in these examinations and make it as stress-free as possible"
Phase 3



Year 7 and beyond

As children become adults we love to see them grow as individuals. By treating them as independent and mature students, our tutors work alongside them to help them with any challenging topics.

Our teachers have many years of experience at teaching GCSE-level topics and we take great pride in working with these young adults to achieve great results.

Phase 4
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